Welcome to UVI Animal Hospital

UVI animal hospital is a veterinary center that was born in March 2009, from a center that had already been operating for more than 20 years. It is made up of two veterinarians, approved, specialists in small animal medicine and surgery by the Central University of Venezuela.
Initially it was born under the name of Comprehensive Veterinary Unit (UVI) and, two years later, it moved to new and spacious facilities and became an animal hospital UVI. Since then, integrated veterinary services with complementary therapies have been provided, making it an integrative veterinary center.

The mission of UVI animal hospital: to provide the most complete and integrative veterinary service on the Costa del Sol, using the most advanced technical means and qualified personnel.
The vision is focused on becoming a reference in integrative medicine for other veterinary centers.

The values are focused on:
Educate our clients on the importance of preventive medicine.
Work for and for our patients offering an integrative veterinary service
high quality.
Provide a transparent and efficient medical service.
Personalized treatment with our clients.
Kind treatment with our patients.
Continuing professional development.

Our added value, Integrative MEDICINE, a term that implies taking into account the entire animal and the situation in its entirety to treat the disease, that is, “treating the patient and not the disease”, the cornerstone of this medicine being prevention and early detection of the same. This agrees with a thought by Dr. Claude Bernard, on which we base ourselves.

“The bacteria is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

Our patients

“He who seeks the spirit, let him follow the path of the animals”

— Popol Vuh