Why Take Care of Your Dog’s Diet?

Having a dog at home makes it like another member of the family. For this reason we must take care of his diet as if he were one of our own. In this article we tell you why it is important to take care of your dog’s diet.

Dogs have specific nutritional needs for their life stage, just like humans. When we assume the responsibility of having a furry dog at home, we have to be clear that this implies greater dedication to guarantee the health of your pet.

But, how do we know how to choose what food we should give our dog and how often? This is one of the questions we encounter most in our veterinary consultation at UVI ANIMAL HOSPITAL.

The answer is simple, IT DEPENDS. Each dog is unique and has specific needs. For this reason, we invite you to come to us if you have questions in this regard. At UVI ANIMAL HOSPITAL we will give you the best options so that your pet always receives the best care.

Types of Dog Food

Within the range of dog food, we find two large groups: Industrial foods and prepared foods.

Prepared Foods:

When we say prepared foods, we mean homemade foods. If you choose this option, you must make sure the food you give the dog meets all of its nutritional requirements, whether it is a puppy, a neutered adult or a dog of geriatric age.

In that sense, at UVI ANIMAL HOSPITAL we want you to be clear about the foods that you should never give to your dog.

Foods such as chocolate, bird bones or bones, foods that contain caffeine or milk, foods high in salt, onion and garlic, among others, can seriously compromise your pet’s health.

Industrial Foods:

Industrial foods are usually the ones chosen by dog owners for the most part. Since they have an adequate proportion of vitamins, proteins and minerals that are important for the well-being of your pet.

In general terms, these foods are divided into two large groups: dry food and wet food.

Dry Feed:

At UVI ANIMAL HOSPITAL we recommend that you look for a high-quality feed for your dog. Most of the cheap feeds that you usually find in supermarkets do not contain the nutritional value that our pets need. Therefore, if in doubt, make an appointment with us. At UVI ANIMAL HOSPITAL, we will be happy to assist you and advise you in a personalized way.

In addition, dry food makes it easier to maintain your dog’s oral health as it helps keep your pet’s teeth clean and free of tartar.

Food or Wet Feed:

This type of food is what comes in canned format. It has a large amount of water among its components, but they usually have a lower nutritional value than dry feed.

For this reason, it is more commonly consumed by puppies rather than adult dogs. However, you can choose to mix these two types of food to
make your feed look more appetizing.

And What Happens to the Candy?

Sweets are very well known in the world of dog owners. However, it is important that they are considered as a reward and never as the basis of the pet’s diet.

Although there are treats that are made with healthy foods for dogs. They are foods that do not have the necessary nutritional quality to replace the regular diet that your pet receives.

These types of foods should be given only as a reward to reinforce positive behavior. But it is not the only reward that the dog can receive, a caress will also be well received.

If you decide to give sweets to your pet, please remember that they are high-calorie foods and that, in excess, they can affect their health.

On the market, we have a wide variety of dog treats depending on the stage of life they are in and the nutritional needs they have at that time.

Likewise, if in doubt, make an appointment with us. We are located at Calle Matias Lara Larita 26, in the Los Boliches area in Fuengirola.

At UVI ANIMAL HOSPITAL, we not only work with traditional veterinary medicine, but we also combine it with alternative medicine treatments to enhance the results and thus improve the well-being of your pet.

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In short, at UVI ANIMAL HOSPITAL we know why it is important to take care of your dog’s diet, a healthy animal is a happy animal. It is no longer just about improving the quality of his coat or his mood, but also about taking care of his health and preventing intestinal and kidney diseases.