Specialized Consultation

“I don’t care if the animal is capable of reasoning, I only know that it is capable of suffering.”

— Albert Schweitzer


Skin problems are one of the main reasons for consultation in current veterinary medicine. In dermatology we follow action protocols that allow us to reach an accurate diagnosis of the problem.


The heart is one of the most important organs in an animal’s body and thanks to it, blood pumps to the rest of the body, thus maintaining the nutritional intake and energy of all the cells in the body. It is advisable to subject dogs and cats to periodic evaluations by their veterinarian.


Animals grow faster than people and need an annual check-up to detect chronic or age-related ailments such as fatigue, lack of muscle mass, diabetes and other ailments.


It is a medical specialty dedicated to the physiological and pathological study of the Respiratory System, which allows the Veterinary Internist to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and prevent its main conditions.


Detection and treatment of cancer by carrying out a clinical study of its nature and location, trying to preserve the quality of life of your pet.


Professional and specialized diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders that may affect our patients, animals. Analysis of the visual field, depth perception, acuity, motion perception and color differentiation.


Early monitoring of young animals is a way to prevent future health problems. Pediatric consultation is essential to follow a vaccination and deworming schedule.