Dogs and their Psychological Benefits for Humans

The benefit that animals can bring to humans in general is great, especially in this unbalanced and industrialized society. Therefore, the relationships between man and animals can be based on a specific usefulness as co-therapists in emotional treatments of human beings. In this sense, pets considerably favor the emotional well-being of women and men when social conditions entail low intra-personal stability, hence they have added importance.

There are five circumstances in which dogs can function as important psychological support for humans, such as:

With the kids
In single adults
In couples without children
with older people
With the kids

los perros ayudan psicológicamente a los niños

Parents buy dogs for their children for multiple reasons:

so that they acquire responsibilities, so that they learn some biology, to have fun, or to be a companion, especially in only children. The best relationships occur when they are acquired as social companions.

A guy can be very happy with his dog especially if they live in an apartment.
What really matters is that an animal is useful for playing and thus learning and also that they feel responsible. Children develop tenderness and improve aspects of their personality that are not appropriate in relationships with their peers. Children appreciate a partner who is not critical of them and who welcomes them with enthusiasm in any circumstance.

In single adults

It is increasingly common to find divorced couples, as well as middle-aged single adults, who suffer from a high degree of loneliness.

It will always be better to find a dog when you get home than to find it empty, since the presence of an animal is comforting because it can mitigate the depressive effects of loneliness.

In couples without children

The third possible situation in the man-animal relationship is that of couples without children. For example, animals that are treated like children. It is common to find curious stories of cats or dogs that have inherited fortunes upon the death of their owners.

It is a reality that since the seventies there has been a drop in the birth rate, increasing the number of couples without children. These couples may not be permanently childless, but in the meantime they frequently acquire a dog or cat for company. They may think that the animal is like a substitute for the education of children they do not have or do not have, giving them the care and affection just as a father would do with his own children. Something we will discuss in a future article. Treat an animal like a child.

With the Elderly

One of the probably most important applications of pets is in older people. People have very long life expectancies and families are usually not very large, so loneliness at certain ages is very common.

Many people retire before their mental abilities begin to decline. These people may have nothing to do but they are worried about how to fill their lives until they physically deteriorate, and the system has not figured out how to address these long-term needs.

A companion animal can help fill this gap in the elderly, because of the company they provide and, sometimes, because of the conversations they have with them, or simply because they think that they depend on themselves. The best pets are cats or small dogs.

Studies have shown that older people who had pets had better well-being because they were in better physical condition and were less worried about their health problems and had a greater sense of self-confidence.

The benefits that dogs provide to older people are fundamentally company, encouragement to do activities, daily routines that help with greater awareness and orientation of time, they also provide a topic of conversation and give them the feeling of being needed.

And as veterinarians by vocation we can tell you that even if you are not alone, not divorced, or you are still young, and you do not find yourself in any of the situations explained above, we also recommend a pet such as dogs.

And if you already have pets, just tell you that you can contact us in the comments box for anything you need. We are in Fuengirola Málaga very close to you.

We hope this article has been useful to you and if so, share it with those people who you think need a pet, so they can be encouraged to make their lives a little happier.