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You to read the most common questions of our customers. With them, you will have a clearer vision of what we can do for your pet and how to proceed in case of illness.

We resolve the main doubts about what kind of care we can offer you, when you have to go to consultation or worry about the health of your companion adventures. Without a doubt, you have to be attentive to every sign that shows us at home a behavior out of the ordinary.

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I’d like to take you my pet. Do I need to make an appointment?

Most of our consultations are made after making an appointment. This way, we will dedicate the necessary time to the patient. However, emergencies are attended with out appointment.

Do you make home visits?

Yes, when the patient requires it, we make home visits during daytime hours. They are not done at night time.

Why is it important to vaccinate my pet?

In big cities, there are more and more pets, which leads to a greater predisposition for them to acquire infectious-contagious diseases. Because of this latent danger, it is advisable to vaccinate dogs and cats to prevent them.

Regarding the rabies vaccine, in the Community of Andalucia, it is obligatory.

Should I take my pet for review? How often?

The best thing we should do is visit the vet at least ones a year to make a revision to our pets, unless the patient has some pathology.

I think my pet is weird. How can I know that?

It is very important to observe and know the routine of your pet: meal time, time to do needs, among others. If you observe changes in hes behavior pattern, eating habits, way of doing needs, something is happening and it is advisable to take it to the vet.

What if my pet needs surgery?

A physical examination and pre-anesthetic study will be performed on the patient before the procedure. The owner will be informed of the anesthetic and surgical risks of the intervention.

How often do I have to wipe my pet off?

It should be wiped every three months. For the prevention of infestation of fleas and ticks, we recommend the intake of pills every 5 weeks. To avoid the mosquito bite of leishmania, we suggest to pipette once a month.

When should I insert the chip to my pet?

The microchip can be placed at any time in the life of the pet, but it is advisable to place it before or the same day as the rabies vaccination.

What is your method of work?

We attend by appointment and in our emergency service 24 hours.

Each patient who enters the clinic has a clinical record. A complete physical examination is performed and it will be weighed, after asking the owner which is the problem with the patient. Based on what we found on the physical examination, further tests (hemograms, biochemistry, x-rays, etc.) are performed, as the situation dictates.

How often should I vaccinate my pet?

We recommend annually vaccinating both rabies and hexavalent canine or pentavalent feline.

What kind of diet should my pet follow?

It is very important to distinguish between good diet and good nutrition. A dog or cat can be very well fed but very poorly nourished. For this reason we always recommend high quality food. We are also supporters of raw food as complementary or alternative food.

In our store we have different brands of food and raw food at your disposal.

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