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UVI animal hospital, was born in 2009, with the name of “Unidad Veterinaria Integral”, the clinic was located in the marcial Lalanda street in Fuengirola, where it was for more than 20 years with another administration.

In January 2012, due to the urgent need to take care of our clients and patients in a more comfortable way, we moved 250 meters in Matías Lara Larita Street, 26, with spacious and modern facilities that make the visit to the veterinarian a Comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Our patients

“The bacteria is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

— DR. Claude Bernard

Why choose us?

We pursue the well-being of your pet, following the medical history and reducing the physical and psychological damage of any disease.

Close treatment and personalized follow up of your pet’s evolution.

Formación del equipo médico y Medical team training and experience in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases.

Betting on the psychological well-being and peace of mind of your pet through alternative medicine.

We understand the organism as a whole, therefore we integrate conventional medicine with “alternative” medicine, therefore we practice integrative veterinary medicine.

UVI Animal team

Rubén E. González G.

Cgdo. Nº 1296.

More than 15 years of experience

My professional career in the veterinary field began in 2005…

Maryuri Rebolledo

Cgdo. Nº 1309

More than 15 years of experience

Professional in constant training, my areas of interest are soft tissue surgery and soft tissue surgery….

Outstanding Services

General Consultation

Conducted by professionals highly qualified and trained to lead any eventuality.

Specialized Consultation

Carried out by highly qualified veterinary professionals to cover the most requested specialities and attend all types of derivations.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our center offers a service of soft tissue surgery, that is, the surgical intervention of organs and viscera, from castration, digestive and urinary surgery among others.


It´s aim is the clinical and surgical evaluation of bone and articulation injuries, such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, fractures, etc.


The hospitalization service is the set of services destined to the internment of patients for diagnosis, recovery and / or treatment.

Emergency 24 hours

The veterinary emergency service available to the UVI allows us to offer veterinary care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All these therapies are part of the integrative physiotherapy and rehabilitation…

Chinese Phytotherapy

It is a 100% natural therapy that is part of traditional Chinese medicine, which consists of using herbs with the aim of stabilizing the patient’s bioenergetics. It can be used as a single therapeutic measure or combined with acupuncture.


It is a medical act that is also part of traditional Chinese medicine, which consists of placing needles in different areas of the body, in order to obtain a therapeutic benefit, can be used alone or combined with electroacupuncture, moxibustion, etc.

Physiotherapy and integrative rehabilitation

At our clinic, we are dedicated to providing a complete and holistic approach to the care of your pets, where integrative physiotherapy plays a central role in their well-being.

Orthomolecular Medicine

It is based on functional medicine, and consists of providing nutritional supplements to the patient in order to stabilize the body’s biochemical reactions and thus restore health.

Neural Therapy

These therapies stimulate the nervous system and promote tissue regeneration, helping to restore function and reduce pain.

Ozone therapy

With anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, ozone is an effective option for the treatment of pain and inflammation and primary or complementary treatment of different diseases.

Gold Implants

It is a technique that consists of placing gold globules in areas of pain or acupuncture points, in order to produce permanent analgesia. We are part of the goldtreat network of clinics.